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What We Do….

Tea To Go!

Combines learning the art of social graces, the history of tea and the do’s & don’ts of etiquette with practicing those skills during a full traditional tea luncheon

Cupcake decorated with mini sugarpaste tea party
Pupils standing in a circle on a sunny day

“CHOICES” Workshops-

“Choices” Workshops promotes making healthy choices on various topics: social skills, self-esteem, friendships/boundaries, appropriate dress/language, goal setting, time management and money management.

“First Impressions” Workshops

First Impressions workshops teaches the art of making proper introductions, table manners, etiquette and netiquette.

"Mixed race Asian woman holding fork and knife with an empty plate ready for food, isolated on white background"
A unique image of a large group of children of East African descent showing their hands in a circular pattern. This could be as interpreted as in need of help, or asking for assistance.

S.T.A.R.S.,LLC Leadership Institute

The S.T.A.R.S., Leadership Institute offers staff development training and consulting in effective behavior management strategies and techniques to organizations working with children.